Senior Sheet – Airbrush

Written by on 07-04-2012

A senior sheet is a banner that promotes a high school senior and often hangs in their gym at certain times during their senior year. This student contacted me via my airbrush teacher and asked for various items to be placed on her sheet. She gave me a photo of her car from which to work, a quote, and the color options (red and black). The rest was up to me. I accepted the challenge.

I had never airbrushed on this scale before. There were a lot of learnings as well as a number of things I would do differently. However, it was fun!

For obvious reasons (such as my lack of a large warehouse studio space), I turned down future requests, but this was great to do at least once!

Note: this was prior to my BS in Design. I would love to have another go at something like this now that I am “design trained”!





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